Cognitive Neuroscience Services   


Dr. Richard S Cowles, Psy.D. provides clinical neuroscience services to patients in his private practice, Cognitive Neuroscience Services, as a Clinical Neuropsychologist. Neuropsychologists are doctors who specialize in brain function and its assessment. Patients coming in for appointments typically have concerns such as: trouble concentrating at work or school, memory problems, medication side effects, sleep difficulties, mood disorders, and medical problems that affect clear thinking.

All of these problems and many more can be addressed in evaluations of your cognitive functioning- a neuropsychological evaluation. When you are seen for a neuropsychological evaluation and testing, the results will be used to give you insight into your situation and an in-depth understanding that will help you achieve all you are capable of achieving.

Neurocognitive Testing

Neuropsychological or neurocognitive testing can identify weaknesses in specific areas of brain functioning. It is very sensitive to mild memory and thinking problems that may not be obvious in other ways. Brain imaging such as MRI and CT scans only show what the brain looks like, not how it is working. Neurocognitive testing may be the only way to detect the problems that are causing your difficulties in daily life.

In addition to pinpointing the problem, test results can be used to plan effective treatments and rehabilitation that use your cognitive areas of strength to compensate for any weaknesses.

Testing also establishes a ‘baseline’ so that further changes can be precisely measured in the future if you are in ongoing treatment for medical illness or concerned your memory and thinking are declining.



Teenager with concussion

Recovering from a concussion can be difficult. Thourough neuropsychological evaluation allows your doctors to  better understand the extent of your injury and develop a plan to get you better.